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Q: Is my donation eligible for a tax credit? A: Yes. Health Outreach is an official registered charity in Canada (BN 86175.2889.RR0001). All donations of $10.00 and more will be eligible for tax credit.

Q: How often do your projects run? A: Our projects operate for one week or  two-week periods in January and February of each year.

Q: How long can I volunteer for? A: Our programs are currently one or two weeks long.

Q: Is Guatemala a safe country? A: Guatemala is a relatively safe country if one takes basic precautions and uses common sense. Since a peace accord was signed in 1996, Guatemala has enjoyed much less civil unrest than in the past. Some signs however are still evident. Armed soldiers patrol certain areas. These are signs that one must still be sensible.

Q: What parts of Guatemala do you operate in? A: In Guatemala, we operate in the small community of Monterrico. It has a population of approximately 750 people. Our sponsor school is in nearby El Dormido, a village of 25 families. We also operate a clinic in the small community of  Quesada, near the city of Jutiapa.

Q: Will there be time to travel? A: Yes. In addition to evenings, you will have one weekend to spend at your leisure. Volunteers may take advantage of the numerous cultural sites and activities.

Q: Do you operate in other countries? A: Yes, we have 
 dental clinics in Honduras. 

Q: Do I have to be a Canadian citizen to be a Health Outreach volunteer? A: No. We accept volunteers from all over the world who wish to join the Health Outreach team.

Q: I have more questions. How can I get them answered? A: Please contact us by e-mail, preferably info@healthoutreach.caThis is the best way to direct your questions to the right person. 


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