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MISSION STATEMENT Health Outreach is an incorporated, charitable,  not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing health services including public health, to impoverished people in remote areas of developing countries with the goal of enhancing lives.PROFILE Health Outreach is a group of health care providers dedicated to overseas charity projects. Our work responds to people around the world in need of healthcare ... Care that members can easily provide when given the opportunity. The organization is a non-profit and non-denominational international health organization based in Toronto, Canada.

Timothy Lee, the founder of Health Outreach, traveled to Ecuador, South America, in 1996, where he first witnessed the dental and medical deprivation of the children of South America. Although the host organization was Foster Parents Plan of Canada, he operated independently. He personally absorbed all expenses including travel. On that trip, he was amazed at the living standards of children in remote communities. Being alone on this trip, he had no means of helping the children with his skills as a dentist. He did, however, notice how grateful the people were at receiving something as simple as a toothbrush. Since then he vowed to commit a part of his life to charity work.
Health Outreach was founded toward the end of 2001. The organization, which supported him in the past on various projects in Guatemala, decided not to proceed with planned projects after the events of September 11th, 2001. This did not prevent him from assembling a small but dedicated dental team to travel to Guatemala on January 27th, 2002. Health Outreach operated independently for the first time. The sponsored community was Monterrico on the west coast of Guatemala. A total of 147 people were seen in a very successful effort. On his return, Dr. Lee discovered that there was no organization in Ontario actively involved in dental projects to Central America. Most groups are based in Western Canada. He wanted to form a group that would easily allow enthusiastic people in Ontario to participate in charity projects. There were many like himself who could not commit to lengthy trips but in their hearts wished to contribute personally. 
                                                                                                                                                Health Outreach  is  an  incorporated, charitable , not-for-profit  entity governed by five Board of Directors:

Dr. Timothy Lee, President
Dr. Rick Caldwell,  Executive Director
Dr. Alex Serebnitski , Treasurer
Dr. Bill Kerr,   Vice-President
Dr. Ramzi Haddad ,  Secretary

The organization has a proud history of strategically utilizing resources.  There are no paid staff members. 

Health Outreach also has a dedicated presence at home. It actively collects and donates dental and medical equipment and sundries, school supplies and clothing. Through the collection and distribution of the vast number of new and/or usable dental and medical items that, due to updated technology, would normally be discarded, Health Outreach offers hope to those without access to healthcare by operating temporary but effective humanitarian clinics.


To promote and further medical, dental, and allied health care to those in need, particularly children, in remote areas of developing countries. Health Outreach attempts to bridge the gap between health care workers and those in need in developing countries. The factor usually lacking is skilled help. Most professionals cannot give up a long period of time to contribute. Projects are intentionally short but well organized to make for effective and successful efforts. It is a goal of HEALTH OUTREACH to reach out to people living in remote areas.

To disseminate information and knowledge to health care providers about the need for their skills in developing countries. Health Outreach attempts to create a network of ongoing supporters, especially those in health professions. The ultimate goal is to have individuals donate their skills on future projects. The more exposure to information about actual projects, the less intimidated individuals will feel about participating.

To encourage the developement of sound ethical and professional health care practices in all elements that may or will affect children or adults in developing countries. Health Outreach understands the limitations of its short-term efforts. Thus, it attempts to pass on information and skills to workers and families during visits. Volunteers attempt to educate nationals how to maintain the health of their community and teach preventative medicine to the public. 

To offer a forum through regular meetings and open communication , for members to offer and exchange ideas and concepts , raise issues of personal and global concern regarding the promotion and betterment of health care in developing countries. Health Outreach believes that exposure to health problems in developing countries will raise sincere concern among Canadians. 

To instill the feeling of hope and positivity in isolated communities The Canadian presence is motivating to peoples in developing countries. Canada has a great reputation for fostering peace and goodwill. Often, isolated communities do not even receive support from their own government. This leads to a feeling of abandonment. By distributing essential items such as health home care aids and clothing; communities may have a better outlook for the future.  

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