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January 10, 2021

HO Annual meeting was held Jan 10, 2021 Thank you to all participants!  

Health Outreach Annual General Meeting 2021.pdf


October 2020

Dentistry for Honduras 2020

Now many weeks into the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020 and just beginning to discover the “new normal” world we now live in with social distancing and masks, we wish to reach out to report on our most recent Honduran adventures. We were all very fortunate to make it back to Canada healthy before any of the borders closed and made it home before mandatory quarantine periods were even imagined.       Honduras Newsletter 2020.pdf

Dentistry for Honduras 2019

Thank you to everyone who helped us in 2019 with our dental outreach trip to            El Porvenir Honduras. Honduras Newsletter 2019.pdf


March 22, 2020 

Board Meeting Documents

2020 01 - HO AGM President Report.doc

2020 01 - HO AGM Committee Reports.doc

2020 01 - HO AGM Agenda.doc

2020 01 12 - Health Outreach Meeting 20 - MINUTES.DOC

2018 - Financial Statements.pdf


March 8, 2020

G 2020 Thank You Notice.pdf

A Special Thank You!

Rick Caldwell for acquiring the most donations for Guatemala 2020.

Lucie Nadeau for your continued support year after year. 

Pravir Patel for your dedication and service. 


Feb 18, 2020 


Health Outreach G2020 Official Statistics.pdf

G2020 Rio Dulce report .docx.pdf

G2020 -Rio Dulce Medical Program Report.pdf

Dentistry for Honduras 2020 Report.pdf


March 28, 2019

G2019 Medical Program Documents 

Health Outreach 2019.pdf

Guatemala 2019 Medical Program Report.pdf



Jan 26, 2019

Team San Gabriel is on their way for week one of this outreach project! All the best to our volunteers and thank you to all supporters!  Stay up to date. Pictures posted daily on our Facebook page. HealthOutreachFacebook


Dec 19, 2018

The Health Outreach 14th Annual Poker Tournament last  Friday was another success.  The turn-out was the largest in the history of the tournament with 33 players vying for top Prizes and Honours in this longstanding event.

Although prizes were great, most players expressed a desire to support a great cause more than anything. Health Outreach is appealing because all proceeds go to the missions planned in January and February.

Old and new players came together for an evening of fun and camaraderie in a very professional setting for Texas hold’em poker.  Our new venue, Simply Delicious Restaurant and Banquet hall in Markham, provided us the space and service to hold a comfortable event.

Health Outreach which raised over $7000 for “Guatemala 2019”, our next humanitarian dental project . The timing is perfect too as we are preparing  for five weeks of mission work in both Guatemala and Honduras. The funds will be used to help purchase a gas power compressor necessary to run dental equipment in the field.

Thank you to all of our players who continue to make this event for Health Outreach a landmark fundraiser

Thank You to all sponsors and participants of the Health Outreach 14th Annual Poker Tournament.pdf


May 24, 2018

We're proud to be recognized in Dentaltown Magazine May 2018.  

Thank you Dr. Richard Ehrlich and all Health Outreach members for making this




May 24, 2017

Another great year for Heath Outreach.  Over 900 patients seen and a total of 2363 procedures done. Stats Review. 

G2017- Week 1 stats.pdf   

G2017- Rio Dulce Week 2 stats.pdf


November 23, 2016

The Health Outreach Board Meeting will be held on Saturday January 21, 2017 at 1pm. Our board meetings are open to the public, including this one.

Following the Board Meeting will be a "Guatemala 2017” Team Meeting #2, where our G2017 project volunteers prepare for the upcoming humanitarian mission to Guatemala. Guest are invited to observe and ask questions as we pack donated goods and equipment for our project to deliver dental care to needed children in remote areas of Guatemala. Awards will also be given to deserving volunteers.

Saturday January 21, 2017
1:00pm - 2:00pm : Board Meeting
2:00pm – 5:30pm : "Guatemala 2017”  Team Meeting #2

Mitchell Field Community Centre
89 Church Avenue
Toronto, ON


October 25, 2016

We are excited to invite you to The 12th Annual Health Outreach Charity Poker Tournament. 

The proceeds will directly benefit “Guatemala 2017”, with two dental teams traveling in January to  Guatemala to treat children in remote villages.  Over 700 kids were cared for last year.   Please lend your support

Friday November 11th, 2016 is the date, with the event at a NEW location at Porto Rotisserie House located at 1370 St. Clair Ave. West                                        A Cash Bar will be available.

Dinner will be served from 7 to 8 pm and the cards fly at 8:00 pm SHARP! We are playing no limit Texas Hold'em.   Registrations is $125 for which you will receive a $105 tax deductible receipt. Trophies will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place winners.  Every year we have amazing prizes from generous donors.  

Space is limited so confirm your attendance as soon as possible.

Support from friends and associates are welcome so please invite others. 

Any questions please contact our host Shawn Bandali 416-917-7727


July 21, 2016

Dr. Timothy Lee spoke today at the Rotary Club of Streetsville.  He reported on the Rotary Dental Boat renovation project, carried out by a Health Outreach dental team this past February. 

Two Rotary clubs  and Rotary International  combined efforts to fund  renovations to a  “floating dental clinic”   in the Rio Dulce region of Guatemala. 

Dr. Lee says  “Rotarians are a special group.  They work hard in their communities to make positive changes at home and abroad.  They are all volunteers.   In fact,  they each pay membership dues.   Their fund-raising is successful because of the amazing  participation of members.  Without Rotary grants,  many charities wouldn’t  be able to follow through with projects.”


Thank you to the Rotary  Club of Streetsville and  the  Rotary Club of Mississauga .

HO - PPT presentation July 21, 2016.pdf


May 02, 2016

Health Outreach invites you to join us on May 7 to celebrate our most recent as well as all past projects to Guatemala and Honduras.

We will be holding committee meetings followed by a social evening. All members in good standing of Health Outreach are welcome to attend. Please feel free to bring friends or colleagues who may be interested in joining us on future projects.

Health Outreach Committee Meetings

The following committees are participating:

  • Communication
  • Grants
  • Equipment and Sundries
  • Recruitment Committee

The  focus of the committee meetings will be a review of our project “Guatemala 2016” and plans for “Guatemala 2017”. Discussion would be of interest for those interested in participating in future projects.

Meetings > 5 - 7 pm
Dinner > 7 - 8 pm

Ichiban Sushi House
Empress Walk
5095 Yonge Street, North York

PARKING and LODGING: Turn on Hillcrest at the Scotia bank and make a quick left into the underground parking garage. Park at level 2 and bring the ticket to the restaurant to get stamped. Parking for 3 hours is free for those that dine. Bring your ticket up to get stamped. Turn RIGHT /EAST on Hillcrest Ave. at the Scotia bank. For people coming from out of town, the North York NOVOTEL is the closest hotel for lodging.


Health Outreach SOCIAL

After the meeting and dinner, there will be a social event about 5 minutes walk down the street :

8 - ??? pm

Jack Astor's Bar and Grill
5051 Yonge Street, North York


Please only RVSP with Pravir Patel at if you will be attending the committee meetings.


February 24, 2016

2016 Health Outreach missions were a great success.  All volunteers returned home safety. 

Special thanks to Week 1, Team Quesada volunteers Dr. Stephen Mathews, Dr. Grazyna Wolf, Dr.Helen Hu, Dr. Robert Tracogna, Rani Jandu, Noreen Ali, Holly Naylor, Simon Desrosiers, Dr. Baljot Grewal, Diego deLeon, Elio Mendoza, Emilio Ramirez, Maria Jose, led by Dr. Daniel Lee.  

Week 1 Overview & Statistics

Also Week 2, Team Rio Dulce Dr. Alexander Serebnitski, Dr. Dennis Moren, Alexis Seward, Kim Dibbits, Nasha Zaheer, Yvonne Joseph, Tracy Shuttleworth, Jan Zalewski, Vicki Parolin, Dr. Tim Lee, Simon Desrosiers, led by Dr. Pravir Patel.  

Week 2 Overview & Statistics

In addition to the 2 missions above Dr. Bill Kerr's teams treated over 800 children in   El Porvenir, Honduras.

 Dentistry For Honduras.  

Special thanks to week 1 participants Dr. Bill Kerr, Lisa Kerr, Steve Kerr, J.J. Kerr, Loretta Kerr, LIndsay Van Dyk, and Sandra Sauenwhite-Box. 

Also thank you to week 2 participants Dr. Michael Cusato, Cathy Johnston, Colleen Neefjes, Lindsay Van Dyk, Nancy Wright, and Lindsay Hughes. 


January 18, 2016 

This week-end,  our devoted Project Volunteers met in Toronto to pack and make final preparations for Guatemala 2016, a dental humanitarian mission in remote areas of Guatemala. The first team departs on January 30st.  

Thank you to all volunteers who attended  the meeting.  Months of planning came together with  equipment, supplies and sundries organized, packed and assigned to volunteers. 

Our guest speaker Mr. Derek Humble of Nemesis Consulting Inc., made suggestions for keeping safe in foreign countries.  He offered his assistance in case volunteers found themselves in an emergency situation.  Nemesis Consulting provides Global Tracking and international response services for clients travelling overseas.  President Dr. Pravir Patel  advised the teams with his experience spanning eight Health Outreach projects.

The following volunteers received awards :

Award for Volunteer demonstrating Continued Support – presented  to the individual for ongoing volunteer of services and  time at home.

  • Dr. Stephen Mathews

Achievement award for Acquiring  the most Donated Goods - presented to the individual who acquires the most donated “goods” for Health Outreach at no cost.   ie. Equipment, dental supplies

  • Ms. Yvonne Joseph

Thank you to all supporters who would have been proud to see how committed our volunteers are.

We wish both teams a safe and successful mission!

See pictures and stay up to date. Follow us on FACEBOOK


November 16, 2015

Thank you to all players, sponsors and volunteers at the Health Outreach 11th Annual Poker Tournament held on Friday. Health Outreach which raised over $4500 for “Guatemala 2016” and “Dentistry for Honduras”, two humanitarian project slated for February 2016, to provide free dental care to children in remote areas.  See link below

Thank You to all sponsors and participants of the Health Outreach 11th Annual Poker Tournament.doc


May 29, 2015

Annual Report presented by President, Timothy Lee

Please see a short version of our annual report in our Registered Charity Information Return.  Details of our year (2014) including financial information can be found at Canada Revenue Charity Listings.

Simply type in HEALTH OUTREACH for access to details.


January 11, 2015

Guatemala 2015 mission is almost here! On January 24th Health Outreach Team 1 will be on its way to deliver dental care to needed children in remote areas of Guatemala.  Thank you to all volunteers who were able to attend the meeting on Sunday afternoon in Toronto.  Congratulations to the recipients who received awards. Here are some detail. Guatemala 2015 Team Meeting


November 13, 2014

Health Outreach 10th Annual Poker Tournament was a great success!  Thank you to all sponsors and participants.  See details!


August 25, 2014

Health Outreach is proud to be in the Ak'Tenamit Summer 2014 Newsletter.     Take a look!   "Health Outreach Canada Brings High-Quality Dental Care to Ak'Tenamit" Ak'Tenamit Summer 2014 Newsletter


June 13, 2014

A Celebration Dinner was recently held to recognize some important volunteers, donors and supporters.  A great evening listening to the project leaders tell us about their experience on their 2014 missions and displaying slideshow presentations that got us all worked up and looking forward to 2015.  These missions wouldn't be possible with out the dedication of all volunteers and more importantly the donors.  A special thanks to the following donors,

Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties, Endodontics,

Victor Onwudiwe / Charline Morris

Health Partners International of Canada, Wes Robinson

AML Law, Andrew Lee

Henry Schein Canada, Heidi Terbenche

Rotary Club of Streetsville, Mr. Ayoub Ali, President Elect

Mr. Shawn Bandali

Vertigoal, Miguel Ribeiro


Without your generosity this wouldn't be possible.

Thank you! 

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